About Us


In previous years there were different projects in the Tambo River basin for the production of cacao which installed cacao plantations. However, they did not keep up the maintenance, harvest, post harvest and commercialization of the cacao grain.

Starting from the need of the Ashaninka farmer to commercialize their product, the Ashaninka Kemito Sankori Cooperative is created on July 26th 2016 in the native community of Anapate with the registry of 13 Native Communities of the Tambo River basin, with 108 partners. Our purpose is to improve the living conditions of our Ashaninka brothers and sisters. At the moment, these small producers carry out an environment-friendly productive system.

In 2017, the Cooperative started its cacao grain gathering activities, always under the Fair Trade principles which is an economic alternative that promotes fair pay, gender equity, human rights and the conservation of the environment in the productive activities. They started articulating its production to the local and international markets.

Our Mission

To be a cooperative with an environmental, social and cultural focus, to make our products known all over the world.

Our Vision

To be the leading cooperative in the chocolate national and international markets, with the objective of improving the quality of life of the Tambo River Ashaninka farmers.

Our Values


To create a positive image for the organization, through the commitment and effective communication with the partners, workers and leaders.


In our actions and in the information provided to the partners, clients and suppliers.


To establish relationships without making distinctions, between partners, workers and leaders, based on social conditions, gender, beliefs, age etc.


In decision making, and respecting the opinions of minorities.

Service Quality

The partner is the heart of the cooperative, so the services provided to them must respond to their requirements.


Not just in fulfilling the agreements of the assembly, but also in the relationship between partners, leaders and workers, without making distinctions based on position, race, beliefs, etc.

We offer a high quality service to our partners in cacao farming